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For the feel of salt water on my skin,
For the stars and planets as they spin,
For every single secret sin,
I thank you.

For the alien creature at my feet,
For the way the wind runs through the wheat,
For pain and fear in each defeat,
I thank you.

For the vast, unsearchable sky,
For monsters that in the ocean lie,
For the demon that is "I,"
I thank you.

For a mind that always wonders,
For the thrill of summer thunder,
For this feeling of going under,
I thank you.

For words cavorting across my tongue,
For adventures had when I was young,
For the stab of cold air in fevered lungs,
I thank you.

For the wolf with its unyielding bite,
For the cat that can't turn down a fight,
For wanderings in this darkest night,
I thank you.

For rage at justice overturned
For fear when hard truth is spurned
For despair at lessons never learned
I thank you

For snow whispering in its flight,
For stars of frost that carve the light,
In this deep midwinter's blight,
I thank you.
In my group therapy, we were asked to write down three abilities, three interests, three passions, and three aspects of personality we had, then express our thankfulness for them. I was running through my lists, and I kept thinking of the things about myself and about life that were troubling or painful to me. God said to put them down, too, so I did.
It's been a long time since I just vomited out a complete poem, largely in its final form, in one sitting.
I've been sitting halfway through a poem for MONTHS. It started off well, but it was an expression of a particular sort of anger -white hot, leap into action, "release the hounds" wrath. I foolishly took a break from it, thinking I'd come back with a cool head. Unfortunately, the poem refuses to be written from a cool head. It's unusual for me to express something so transient as rage; I like to mull things over for ages. I really would like to finish the thought I'd started to put to paper, but I haven't found that lively anger that makes you want to jump up and do something. I'd become cynical, bitter, smoldering, not inflamed. I was too despondent to be irked.
I've recently had a major shift in my life - I got a job with a non-profit, human needs organization. I'll finally be doing what I've longed for and trained for. This is excellent, except now I'm more optimistic than I've been in a year, so I still can't write the poem. But I feel better about it.
Would anyone be interested in my posting what I have so far, and maybe giving me some feedback or advice? How do you recapture a mood, or should you even try?
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Jess M.
United States
I can't draw... at all. I enjoy seeing other people's work and basking in the reflected glory of their talent. I've been skulking around here for years, but it was my brother getting an account that pushed me into making myself known. *shameless plug to Kenny0321*
I like to play around with words; I was one of those nerds who got distracted looking up words in the dictionary. Some of my dabblings are here for your perusal (yummy word, just try saying it).

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